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 Recruitment Form/ Recruitment Policy

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Recruitment Form/ Recruitment Policy Empty
PostSubject: Recruitment Form/ Recruitment Policy   Recruitment Form/ Recruitment Policy Icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2008 4:52 pm

Hello, and welcome to the site.

If you're on this page you're probably contemplating joining the clan. Hopefully this topic can give you all the information you need to take the plunge. If you are reviewing this page, please take some time to read it entirely for your application to be successful.

|TiP| Code Of Conduct (CoC)

If you wish to join The Immortal Punishers it required to accept the terms in the Code of Conduct as it is in the application itself.

In general, poor behaviour such as swearing, racism, taunting, stat padding, base rape, exploiation or the use of any hacks will not be tolerated whilst your with |TiP|. If you are ever banned from any server please notify a clan Captain. Please do not hide the fact that you're banned from a server as it will get you into more trouble. We also require to know the whole story as to why you were banned.

- You will not use foul language through text, VOIP or Ventrilo.
- You will not exploit the game in any way.
- You will not abuse any member, player or guest.
- You will not deliberately TK or cause frustration among other players.
- You will not makes comments about other clans without consent.
- You will not talk on behalf of the clan unless you are a Clan Admin
- You will not abuse other players in forums or in game

What we Expect from you

- Being on the ventrilo as often as possible
- Posting reguarly on the forums
- Playing with fellow |TiP| Members on the Battlefield
- Participating in scrims every chance you can get
- You will not lie on your Applications or previous clan Applications ( if you have lied on a Previous clans app you will be Rejected)

We do have some guide lines how ever

You must be 14 years or Older
You must Be active on the ventrilo/ Forums

If you still think you can make the cut of being a |TiP| member then please follow this simple process

First off copy this Application ( below) into a new topic and call it <YOUR NAME> App For |TiP|



In Game Name:

Why do you wont to join?:

Do you know anyone in TIP?

Are you banned from any servers ( Node Ga Iconz)

Previous Clan Involment( If any):

Will you wear the tags?:

Will you check the site as often as you can:

Headset Or Microphone?:

Have you read the Rules/ CoC and will follow them?:

Do you have xfire:

MSN contact:

Link To Stats:

Would you Paticipate in Scrims/ Trainings?:

Once a clan Captain or Admin is happy with your application we will send you a PM giving you the ventrilo details and we would encourage you to hop onto the vent and have a chat with the Admins about you joining our clan


If you application doesnt meet our guidelines, it will result in being Rejected
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Recruitment Form/ Recruitment Policy
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