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 CoW201.v2 Application

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PostSubject: CoW201.v2 Application   Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:28 am



In Game Name:CoW201.v2

Why do you wont to join?:Ive Been looking For a good Battlefield 2 Clan For a while now And i believe This is the Clan for me.

Do you know anyone in TIP? Yeh.

If So Who:Meimidget690

Previous Clan Involment( If any):None For Bf2

Will you wear the tags?:Yeh.

Will you check the site as often as you can:Yeh.

Headset Or Microphone?:Yes and yes.

Have you read the Rules/ CoC and will follow them?:Yes.

Do you have xfire:Yes.

MSN contact:gta_rat@hotmail.com

Link To Stats:http://www.bf2stats.nl/player/154190237/

Would you Paticipate in Scrims/ Trainings?:Yes
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PostSubject: Re: CoW201.v2 Application   Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:32 am

Welcome Coww!!!!

Trial for now sorry bro jump onto vent when you get chance, wear Trial tags aswell |TiP|*

need any help just PM me or ask on vent

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CoW201.v2 Application
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